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Think about the styling of your room.  Does it have pattern and texture?  Could you add another element of surprise?  Here are a couple of thoughts.  If you have a “sporty” space think about a combination of varied sizes of plaid…all in the same color tone.   For a “dressier” space how about combining florals, textures and stripes…all in the same color family creating an eclectic feel to the space.


Monthly Featured Pillow

Evening Mist is the latest addition to the pillow gallery of designs.  A true work of art featuring eleven varied fabric patterns with custom trimming…and of course all had cut, hand sewn and designed. Please visit the Gallery for more information on this one of a kind upcycled creation.



”Upcycling” has become the category for the fashion and interior design industries.  However, don’t forget many of us have used the term “repurpose” for a longer period.  Regardless of which term you use we are all remembering to think before we toss and use again when we can…for the good of our environment!!!!


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fine Custom design



Custom designed products allow the designer to choose specific fabrics, trimmings and other design elements which, when fabricated, create a one of a kind item for the client’s home.


Selection of the fabrics is the place to begin…the first creative category where choices are made.  Fabrics can be chosen from many design categories such as color, season, print design, architectural style and etc.


The design style, color direction and accompanying fabrics lead the direction of the final pillow design.

woven trimmings


The arena of woven trimmings encompasses many styles, colors, materials and design ideas. These soft trimmings are woven on various types of looms using unique yarns and colors for a stylized finished look.


Depending on the colorways chosen for fabrics, there are many design styles, texture and color selections to choose from...any combination you can imagine for a custom item is available to create a perfect finish…a true sense of Snazzy !!

trimmings WITH textures


Trimmings with texture are dimensional forms of designs applied to the pillow...gemstones, metal, glass, painted, textured or plain there is no limit to creative ideas for textural designs. When these trimmings are used, an additional dimension of interest is added to the finished product.


Beads and buttons are two categories offering many design/style options for the creator.  Beads are found in various sizes, materials, and styles. Buttons create a different texture and dimension for a true designer look. Any combination of hand applied beads will give a designer look. Plain, patterned, or painted…there is no limit to the use of creativity for textural design ideas.

The Basics


Every design begins with the basics.

What are the basics that make a design custom?   Many product sources and design elements come into play such as current market styles, colors and trends, embellishments such as trimmings, fabric patterns, texture and hand (how it feels).


Designs can come from nature, magazine/newspaper ideas, and many other sources.  All of these ideas come together creating a custom one of a kind product conceived from the mind of the designer.  And so with the selection of fabrics, trimmings, colors and textures from which to choose, this design is ready to become a reality.  These are the basics for a hand crafted, one of a kind designer pillow

Applied Textures


Many talented craft artists create items of texture such as knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, embroidery and the like with each having its own look and feel.


When designing a custom pillow any one of these needlework items would lend an extra custom detail.  Depending on the size of the pillow, a small amount of this “extra texture” will be just enough to create another complimenting dimension and color to the finished product.   Using a separately applied textural element allows the designer to add boldness in color or styling.  Go ahead, be creative and add a little fun!!

Designer Hand-crafted Pillows

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Bold Design, Bold Colors for a Bold Bedroom Space.


Who says bedrooms must be done in pastels. This master bedroom brings many bold ideas together for a strong but restful space. Although the square footage for this room is not large, the bold patterns and colors create a welcoming environment.


Let’s take a closer look at each of the components. Pattern Mixing which includes wallcovering, drapery fabric, plaid bed throw plus the chair fabric is the strongest message from this room.

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