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Design Process

There are many ways to begin a new product design…

  • Start with fabrics you feel work well together and let the design evolve.
  • Create a design then choose fabrics best suiting the layout or some of each.
  • This pillow begins with a grouping of fabrics where the colors, textures, styles and intensities work well together.
  • As the pillow design evolves fabrics may be added or deleted.

Let your imagination run wild. Choose fabrics, colors and textures you like.   By the process of elimination, only the best of the best will remain for you to begin your new one of a kind designer pillow creation.

With the fabrics chosen, next comes creating a pillow design showcasing these designer fabrics.  Create your own, be inspired by magazine ideas, museum works of art, a nature walk or some other method you favor.

This pillow will be a color block design.

  • Draw out the front and back pillow sides with the color block you have designed being sure to include the estimated final measurements (length and width) of the pillow. This will put idea to paper.
  • Selection of the fabrics and the location of each will come next after you have completed the fabric design map.
  • You can see photo copies of the inspirational design for both the front and back in the photo above. These layouts show each color block size and location on the design map.
  • On the design maps (both sides) are fabric samples pinned on each color block location. This will help you see if the fabrics will work well on the intended locations.
  • Each color block piece and muslin lining are cut to measure with the fabric piece being hand sewn to the muslin lining. This adds strength to the fabric plus prevents fraying or stretching along the edges.
  • A layout with final measurements for each color block piece of both the front and back sides is shown on the photo above. Don’t forget to add seam allowance for sewing the pieces together.

Our pillow design is beginning to look like the design map layout previously referred to.

  • Each fabric and muslin piece has been cut to measurement and hand sewn together using the sizes as per our master plan.
  • All pieces are laid out on a backing piece of muslin cut to the chosen pillow size. This additional muslin lining and backing adds strength and body to the fabric and final pillow itself.

This is also the time to evaluate the layout.

  • Do you like the colors together?
  • How about each piece size…do any adjustments need to be made?
  • When all elements are evaluated approved and fit for final placement, it is time to hand stitch each color block piece to the muslin master lining.

 With this step you are far enough along to begin experimenting with trimming ideas.

Both sides are beginning to take form with each having a different color block pattern and color/design style.

  • The design layout for each side uses many of the same fabrics and trimmings…and each side also has a few surprises.
  • We have added trimmings…but with discretion.
  • One of the fabrics used was chosen as the trim along with a ribbon trim layer on the top… but just on three locations…this offers distinction to the design.

This photograph shows the second side nearing completion.

  • You are able to see the muslin backed layer, the hand stitching of each color block/muslin piece as well as the application of trimmings.
  • The trimming coordinates with that of the other piece but offers a little different design and creative interest.

Once the second side is completed, both sides go to the workroom where the sides are sewn together (by machine) along with a zipper opening and edge trim.

Autumn Moon

Here is our finished product. Each pillow side is a uniquely designed one of a kind piece of art for your home.


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Pillow Galleria Logo | Atelier for the home
Pillow Galleria Logo | Atelier for the home
Pillow Galleria Logo | Atelier for the home