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Upcycling or Repurposing uses various sizes and shapes of fabrics and trimmings to create a custom designed pillow work of art where each side is a uniquely designed.  Nature’s colors of celadon and earth tones from fabric manufacturers such as Robert Allen, Bergamo, Jim Thompson, and Rose Cummings create many varied textures and patterns for each side of this one of a kind designer pillow.


Concern for our environment is important for each of us today with many and varied programs of recycling underway today. Upcycling is part of that movement with care being taken to repurpose fabrics, trims etc. from items in our home we have previously enjoyed but call for a renewed look. It is a huge challenge to create a unique and valuable design from fabrics and trims of various sizes, shapes and colors with an end result suitable to be called a one of a kind piece of art. Evening Mist is a great example of an upcycled design.   It uses a variety of fabrics, color tones, textures, trimmings to create an overall design welcome in any room from contemporary to traditional. Each pillow from Pillow Galleria is a one of a kind piece of art for your home. Pillow Galleria…Atelier for the Home.


Evening Mist would be welcomed in many rooms of your home including living room, den/TV room, and bedrooms layered with other shapes and tones of various furnishings creating an inviting layered look. There are many special features to this pillow with each side being a separate design which when changed out create a new look. The varied textures and pattern cuts of Evening Mist create warmth, interest and a perfect companion for colors including neutrals from ivory/beige to earth sand. Also consider browned out rose tones, golden squash, deeper earth tones, caramel tans in a space with a variety of varied intensities (depth of color) of colors in the space. In an eclectic style of room many color tones may be used and adding Evening Mist would be a natural.  Go ahead, be creative.  Let your imagination run wild. Remember, love is in the details.






  • colors of celadon green, beige/taupe, ivory/beige
  • varied patterns, textures and plain color designs
  • each side offers a different and one of a kind pillow design
  • designer fabrics are hand cut and hand sewn
  • trimmings are hand applied
  • corners are rounded for a designer look
  • edge trim is a brush fringe in a neutral look with small pieces of celadon included
  • eleven luxury fabric styles create this design
  • Robert Allen, Bergamo, Jim Thompson, and Rose Cummings





Right hand side under “materials”

pillow measures 26 ½” x 17”

hidden zipper

polyester fill insert

pillow fabrics are lined on both sides with muslin

dry clean only

pricing is based on fabric and trim pieces, creative timed and the amount of hand labor



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Pillow Galleria Logo | Atelier for the home
Pillow Galleria Logo | Atelier for the home
Pillow Galleria Logo | Atelier for the home