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Fruit Noir

Robert Allen's designer fabric of seasonal fruits along with hand created color block panels create a pillow depth in color and style.


A friend of mine has a fetish for fruits. Her kitchen walls have an assortment of framed fruit designs so when I saw this wonderful fruit print I thought of her. I love the black background showing off the bright colors of the fruits. Five colors from the fruit print were replicated as a patchwork design on the back panel. These five colors are in a square quilt design. Pillow Galleria…Atelier for the Home.


Fruit Noir would fit well in an eclectic or traditional room such as a family room, kitchen or sunroom.  Oak or highly organic furnishings along with medium intensity wall colors would be very rich. Flooring such as the old fashioned rag rug would be a great addition.  Go ahead, be creative. Let your imagination run wild. Remember love is in the details.

  • The fruit fabric is a Robert Allen design and the five back patchwork fabrics are a polyester/cotton quilted design.
  • The trimming on the front side is made of six silk cords braided together then woven through the black open trim.
  • On the back side, five colors of the quilted weave were used in a color block pattern.
  • Each of the five quilted fabric colors are accented with six rope trims braided together for a dramatic one of a kind design.
  • All trimmings are hand designed and hand applied.
  • All corners are rounded for a designer look
  • Each pillow from Pillow Galleria is a one of a kind piece of art for your home.



24 x 24 in size

All trimmings are hand woven and applied

Polyester fill insert

Invisible zipper

Dry clean only

Pricing is based on the price of fabrics, trims, and hand applied labor.

Front and back side of each pillow is lined with muslin



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Pillow Galleria Logo | Atelier for the home
Pillow Galleria Logo | Atelier for the home
Pillow Galleria Logo | Atelier for the home