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Upcycling or repurposing is a wonderful way to create a beautiful end product out of leftover fabrics, trims creating a one of a kind designer piece of art for your home. Bright primary colors from Beacon Hill are a focal point for the gray silk and textured woven designer fabrics to create a vibrant set of pillows for any seating area in your home


A Kaleidoscope was a toy many of us grew up with.  It was a long tube with the bottom part filled with brightly colored items and so when it was turned a new design was created.  The rich and beautiful range of primary colored fabrics from Beacon Hill creates a unique Kaleidoscope design for each pillow.   Beacon Hill’s hand applied primary colored upcycled fabrics are edged with the woven gray/charcoal/primary color tones blending it all together.  Both sides of each pillow are lined with muslin and a pale blue chambray under the gray sheer to keep the colors true.  Kaleidoscope’s second side uses three of the Beacon Hill fabric colors on each side along with trims in a simple vertical pattern.  Edge trims in the Beacon Hill fabric colors, as well as pewter toned metal pieces, create a finished edge.  Each pillow from Pillow Galleria is a one of a kind piece of art for your home.   Pillow Galleria…. Atelier for the Home.


This pair of kaleidoscope bright and eclectic designer pillow designs would be a welcomed accessory for many rooms of your home.   Rooms which might welcome the bold strength of the primary colors and Beacon Hill fabrics may include the den/family area, living room, entry area or hallways.  With a pair of uniquely designed pillows, you actually have four ways of showing them in your room….both fronts, both backs, and one of each of the two.  Room colors/tones would, of course, include white walls with accents of the primary colors, grayed out blue tones on the walls and of course gray tones on the walls.  The unique design patterns of each side offer unique styling to any setting.  Go ahead, be creative. Let your imagination run wild.

 Remember, love is in the details.






  • Primary colors with a backdrop of grays.
  • Beacon Hill fabrics
  • Varied patterns and textures
  • Designer fabrics are hand cut and hand sewn onto muslin lining
  • Silk gray has additional pale blue chambray for trueness of color
  • Trimmings are hand applied
  • Corners are rounded for a designer look
  • Edge trim is a gray neutral enhancing the design of the pillow







Pillow measures 23.5” x 13.0”

Hidden zipper

Polyester insert

Pillow fabrics are lined on both sides with muslin

Dry clean only

Pricing is based on fabric and trim pieces, creative time and the amount of hand labor




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Pillow Galleria Logo | Atelier for the home
Pillow Galleria Logo | Atelier for the home
Pillow Galleria Logo | Atelier for the home