Contemporary and Colorful

Pillow Galleria Blog #27 Contemporary and Colorful
Image: William Waldron

Many of us are true friends of the contemporary style. The photograph above from Elle Décor shows a contemporary space softened and warmed with neutral materials and rich paint colors. Contemporary styling means clean and simple lines to the room and furnishings. Light and dark neutrals plus glass and chrome evoke this style for most of us…leaving us often with a cool feeling. This room, however, uses clean and simple lines along with warm colors in the room itself and the furnishings for a more updated description of contemporary.

The walls are paneled in a warm toned wood. As you can see by the cuts on the panel faces, each is cut to the exact same size creating a measured and connected feeling to the space. Rather than add another textural element for window coverings the same cut panel size and material is continued on the windows. When the window panels are closed a seamless and consistent look is created.

The flooring is a short nap (height) carpet with a soft wavy line design across the width. The color tone from the wall/window paneling is carried through to create a very warm and color consistent “envelope” for the room.  Now with the surfaces designed in a consistent color palette, other elements can be shown attention. The ceiling continues the warm look painted a butternut color in a flat finish which absorbs the light coming from the windows.  

Because the room is small, the accessories are themselves smaller in scale and not meant to be the focal point, just an enhancement to the space. Reading lamps are on the wall, the pillows on the neutral colored sofa are also of neutral patterns with just the one piece replicating the color of the ceiling in the trim.  The coffee table/bench is perhaps the most visually forward of the accessories with its contemporary squared pattern of butternut and tomato red tones.

The design elements we have discussed above seem very consistent with a contemporary style.  However, we might pay some attention to changes of the two chairs. The blue/gray chair nearer the window has a very high back which works well as a contemporary addition to the room.  The back, however, would be equally effective if it were 6-7” shorter.

Rather than the traditional style wood frame chair, a textural selection perhaps woven leather in a lighter color and still small in scale would continue the contemporary feeling of the room.

It has often been said smaller spaces are the most difficult to design well to create a unified and cohesive feeling.  So, go ahead and create a space where you would love to spend your relaxing and restful time. Enjoy the process and remember, love is in the details.  

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