Bold Design & Bold Paint Colors for a Bold Bedroom Space.

Who says bedrooms must be done in pastels. This master bedroom brings many bold ideas together for a strong but restful space. Although the square footage for this room is not large, the bold patterns and colors create a welcoming environment.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the components. Pattern Mixing which includes wallcovering, drapery fabric, plaid bed throw plus the chair fabric is the strongest message from this room.

Design patterns of the wall covering and drapery fabric both have a similar curved design which creates continuity in the room. The addition of the red in the drapery fabric adds spice and warmth to the space plus it gives other areas of the room more colors to use.  

The mahogany colored bed frame is replicated in the ceiling, window, and fireplace trims. This creates a warm and cohesive feeling with the paint color being the “binder” feeling to the room. Now we can go forward with additional creativity. The plaid throw on the bed is a wonderful pattern mix to the other room colors and adds a little bit of “wow.” Don’t be afraid to mix plaids, florals, botanical or contemporary designs together. The key is the color groupings need to be similar.

The feeling of the room is traditional which is highlighted with the gold drapery hardware along with the mirror frame style. The addition of the traditional chest next to the bed is another nod to a traditional/eclectic space. But what might we change creating a more cohesive space? How about painting the ceiling color a very soft ivory/beige or maybe a soft gray/beige depending on the actual colors in the wallcovering for additional depth to the room? And although we cannot see the entire bed area…. more pillows created from the many colors in the room would be a good place to gather patterns and tones.

Addressing the seating area near the fireplace we see a warm and cozy area to read, have a glass of wine, and enjoy time before bed. Although all the wonderful elements from the bed area have mostly been replicated, a few changes might be made. Depending on budget, the etagere/bookcase to the right of the fireplace could appear to have a more custom look. A custom piece would be the entire width of the alcove although not necessarily the full height. A replication of the bed trim/color design might be incorporated plus gold tone touches from the drapery/mirror hardware as well as using details of the wallcovering thus creating a custom wall alcove with all the special design details of the room.   

The fabric on the chairs at the end of the bed might be changed out to be a stronger color tone and more in line with the colors already in the room. Perhaps an intensity (strength of color) more in line with other tones in the room would add to a feeling of consistency.

And of course, a few books, a dazzling fire and a glass of wine create a room for retiring. Go ahead, be creative and give each of your rooms your own design styles.

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Guest Bedroom or Forgotten Space?

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Guest rooms are often forgotten spaces. They may not be used very often and may be decorated with many of the family’s least popular furnishings.

Our guests, however, would feel welcome and right at home in a space where they can retreat, have some alone time to read or rest. When I saw this guest bedroom area, I felt the homeowner wanted his guests to enjoy the stay and be rested and fulfilled when the visit was complete.

Two warm and restful tones of lime green and soft azure along with an ivory backdrop were chosen for this room. A four-poster bed with fabric canopy plus side fabric panels create a warm and cozy environment. The side drapery panels may be closed for a more private feeling. Keeping two color tones which are soft and comforting create a restful and welcoming space.

A very special area of the room is the space in front of the windows where two chairs are placed for reading or for great conversation. A small footstool, kidney pillows on the chair backs, plus small side tables provide a separate sitting area. Lighting from the window and two-room lamps offer everything needed to relax into this soft and wonderful guest area.

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When choosing fabrics where you want to pattern mix find patterns using the same colors with a different styling.

The colors can be the same intensity (boldness) or lighter/darker.  This room shows a border used as the alternate fabric. Another way to replicate the room colors is with the door or trim work.  The entry door is painted with a neutral trim and the door panels use the soft azure and lime green found in the fabric and border.

Notice the walls are a shade of neutral ivory with the ceiling using a wall covering print of ivory and a pale lime color…very soft and very warm. The art pieces over the book table are also in keeping with the same soft muted tones.
Other accents are the small traditional chairs on either side of the bookcase which are painted the azure color… what a wonderful color accent for the room. Intensities (color strength) of the ceiling and flooring are equal creating a restful space.

This room has privacy where your guests can be “enveloped” and comfortable. Go ahead; enjoy this time with your friends not only in your home space but in the guest area as well.

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