Room Dividers

Photo: Traditional Home

The use of screens as room dividers are a wonderful, creative and aesthetic way of dividing a space into smaller useable areas or covering unwanted/unattractive architectural elements in a home or apartment unit. Many think using screens or a type of divider in a small space will make the area feel claustrophobic, however, in reality, the space seems warmer and more cohesive.

It is always difficult to review a magazine photograph and make evaluations based only on that one photograph, however, since that is what we must work with we will begin there. Let’s evaluate as many elements of the photograph as we can.

It seems as if this is an architecturally standard style of condominium in any of our large cities.  At the ceiling area behind the screen, you will see a column which is part of the building itself. It seems this and perhaps other unattractive building elements want to be hidden by the owner. A screen is the perfect solution.

The fabric on the screen divider is a stripe and when cut and sewn creates a pattern resembling a diamond look.  

Based on the design of the fireplace area, the space, is transitional/traditional.  The paint color on the mantle and legs might have been a warmer beige as found in the background of the screen fabric.  The fireplace tile surround might have been more interesting with a small ethnic strip of tile inserted.

It seems this room is used as a game room with the room’s colors chosen from the felt on the pool table.  But what if the space was used as a gathering area for friends?

The textural/ethnic chairs are a perfect addition to the space.  And why not chose a smaller/more ethnic coffee …one not quite so imposing/large to house drinks, and small mementos of travels or memories.   

The floor lamp and small terra cotta ceramic table by the larger chair are wonderful additions and utilize the concept of layering.  

Wallcovering is becoming very popular and these walls use a textured terra cotta selection on the walls again adding depth and texture.  

Perhaps we would change out the mirror above the mantle for a more ethnic/textural design.  This could be a piece of sentimental value taking a prominent place above the mantle.

Rather than false flames in the firebox area, how about just a wonderful gathering of firewood placed in the firebox.  This adds reality and texture.

On the left side, if you look closely, is another fabric pattern.   This is lovely and could be brought more vividly into the main space.   

Remember, love is in the details and create your space based upon your vision and dreams…not those of others.   We send love.

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