Guest Bedroom or Forgotten Space?

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Guest rooms are often forgotten spaces. They may not be used very often and may be decorated with many of the family’s least popular furnishings.

Our guests, however, would feel welcome and right at home in a space where they can retreat, have some alone time to read or rest. When I saw this guest bedroom area, I felt the homeowner wanted his guests to enjoy the stay and be rested and fulfilled when the visit was complete.

Two warm and restful tones of lime green and soft azure along with an ivory backdrop were chosen for this room. A four-poster bed with fabric canopy plus side fabric panels create a warm and cozy environment. The side drapery panels may be closed for a more private feeling. Keeping two color tones which are soft and comforting create a restful and welcoming space.

A very special area of the room is the space in front of the windows where two chairs are placed for reading or for great conversation. A small footstool, kidney pillows on the chair backs, plus small side tables provide a separate sitting area. Lighting from the window and two-room lamps offer everything needed to relax into this soft and wonderful guest area.

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When choosing fabrics where you want to pattern mix find patterns using the same colors with a different styling.

The colors can be the same intensity (boldness) or lighter/darker.  This room shows a border used as the alternate fabric. Another way to replicate the room colors is with the door or trim work.  The entry door is painted with a neutral trim and the door panels use the soft azure and lime green found in the fabric and border.

Notice the walls are a shade of neutral ivory with the ceiling using a wall covering print of ivory and a pale lime color…very soft and very warm. The art pieces over the book table are also in keeping with the same soft muted tones.
Other accents are the small traditional chairs on either side of the bookcase which are painted the azure color… what a wonderful color accent for the room. Intensities (color strength) of the ceiling and flooring are equal creating a restful space.

This room has privacy where your guests can be “enveloped” and comfortable. Go ahead; enjoy this time with your friends not only in your home space but in the guest area as well.

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