Beach House Colors Schemes for an Updated Look.

Sometimes we box ourselves in creatively meaning a beach house must be blue/yellow/green…a kitchen should be neutral, and a bedroom should be soothing. Why not mix it up a bit and create the unexpected?? These two photographs from Elle-décor ( Top Photo, Bottom Photo) showcase a renewed beach house look using tones of apricot, magenta, and burnt russet. I know, your mother (and mine) always said not to put orange tones with red/magenta tones…. but that was in the fifties!!! Today we have the color freedom to combine tones, tints, and colors as we see fit. We are now given the freedom to create our new color combinations.


And with that new gift, let’s look at a new environment for our monthly featured pillow “Folk Art Fantastic!” These two photos show a beach house on New York’s Long Island. The designer has forgotten about the usual “beach” colors and created a new look using peach, magentas, and burnt orange tones for a new and updated beach house look. Although this is an eclectic space, it comes together replicating colors throughout the space which create a warm and cohesive feel for anyone entering the guest house.


The two photos show different views of the room…. the sitting area and the sleeping area. Apricot wallcovering on the wall panels and the upper slanted panels create a warmth for the room and a cohesive setting for the apricot color. Accents for the apricot are purple/magenta and burnt umber…. all coming together creating a unified environment. Go ahead, be creative, let your imagination run wild.

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