How Do I Keep My Dining Room Looking Fresh and Inviting? Dining Room Decorating Ideas.

There are many options for freshening a room’s design such as painting or relocating furniture to create a new space plan. The dining area, however, has less flexibility in being able to move furnishings around as the table and chairs are the focal point and occupy the largest amount of space.

This photograph from Traditional Home is a neutral white/soft gray space which lends itself to any and many colors. The table skirt and slipcovers for the chairs are also in coordinating neutrals. The colors in the chandelier and silver cabinet are of the same tones with the color in the room coming from gold colored glasses on the table, the flowers on the side board/table and the greenery in the window area.  

Perhaps the entire home is done in neutral tones or maybe just the dining space but since we don’t know let’s treat the dining space on its own. Fashion and interior design trends run in cycles reflecting our world and country at that time. As we look back at design choices we may have made in our home, they also tell a story about us. The Eighties gave us bold prints…chintz fabrics… lots of color and soft flowing styles. It also showcased slipcovers on any piece of furniture. Casual comfort and fabric table cloths again show a feeling of softness.  This a great example of “upcycling” (link) …not only recycling materials, but also styles of design…. everything old is new again!!

When we think of adding renewed interest to a room, we can change the wall/ceiling color, flooring, lighting, accessories, and/or furniture pieces. Let’s consider updating this room with minimal labor/work. Showing seasonal changes with a wardrobe of slipcovers for the chairs and the fabric table covering is a great way to begin. These items, or either one, can be changed for a new season…. summer, winter, etc. with patterns and color tones reflecting the season.  And of course, special holidays, religious holidays, birthdays, family special days…let your imagination run wild. You can store these items to change out having a new look whenever you like. Another quick and easy way to add color and style change is a table runner down the length or the width of the table. If you choose the width, be sure to make it quite wide for a true design statement.   A “wardrobe” of table runners can quickly change the mood and style of the room. Rather than rattan/textured placemats, use a soft colored fabric enhancing all the elements in the room. Designers love using “charger” plates which are made of a protective material (usually glass or a weighty substance so cold/heat is not conducted onto the table itself) on which the dinnerware sits. Chargers are larger in diameter than a dinner plate so will add texture and dimension.  And don’t forget beautiful full-sized fabric dinner napkins which complete each table setting.

Remember to consider your personal mood and feelings…. some months you may feel more vibrant and some more somber.  Your home and environment can reflect who you and your family are, and that dynamic is never consistently the same. Go ahead, be creative, let your inner designer come forward.

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