Primary Pops of Color with Kaleidoscope

Many rooms in our homes have the right “bones” …they just need the right accessories. A pop of bright primary colors softened by a neutral gray could be just the answer. Two photos of very different living spaces show the design range Kaleidoscope can enhance.

John Merkl | Traditional Homes

The first photograph from Traditional Home has walls painted in a medium intensity gray. Although the room is well laid out using only white and gray color tones, a pop of “energy” is needed. This space combines a textural grouping of eclectic items such as the hand-carved wood sofa table in warm yellow tones on the left wall lending a sense of warmth to the room.

Additional materials from nature including the art piece hanging over the fireplace, the stone/metal side table plus other smaller eclectic items throughout the room bring texture and nature together to create an interesting feel to the space. With the addition of Kaleidoscope designer pillows, the nature/neutrals of the room will have yet another accessory accenting the gray tones with primary colors coming together for a real POP!!!

The second room again from Traditional Home designed in neutral white is a perfect backdrop for colorful accessory ideas. The lines of this richly designed traditional living space with black accents could enjoy some color… the set of Kaleidoscope pillows is the answer. The cleaner lines of the sofas and side tables create a welcomed backdrop for the room’s architectural drama plus the unexpected surprise of the gold/black chairs anchoring the rear of the room. The tall brass lamps near the chairs add another level of boldness with the black shades. The matching sofas on the left and right in the room have a set of comfy pillows and by placing a pair of Kaleidoscope pillows on each sofa we are adding another element of interest to the middle of the room.

Notice the fireplace surround is a Carrera gray stone and the mirror over the fireplace is in darker gray tones again supporting varied intensities found in the room. The sconces on the fireplace are in brass carrying through the warmth brass accessories in the room. Who says a neutral room needs to be boring….it is the accessories and the placement which make the difference!!!

Go ahead, be creative. Let your imagination run wild. Remember love is in the details.

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