Local Pillow Designer Announces New Creative and Educational E-Commerce Website

Pillow Galleria Website
St. Petersburg, FL – February 1, 2018, Paula Albinson, owner of Pillow Galleria, felt it was time to take a new creative approach to her custom designed hand-crafted pillow e-commerce website.

Unlike most machine-made pillows on the market, Albinson’s pillows are one-of-a-kind unique designs that incorporate upcycled designer fabrics and trimmings. The goal of the new website was to create a successful e-commerce platform that showcases the steps and elements that go into the labor-intensive craft of creating custom pillows.

Pillow Galleria was born out of Albinson’s passion for hand-crafted art. Her background in the fashion, cosmetic and design industries had provided her access “to many beautiful fabrics that were only available to those in the design trade. My love of the designer fabrics and hand-crafted products was the driving force behind my decision to create my own line of designer pillows,” said Albinson.

Combining retail and education on Pillow Galleria’s website is intended to make the visitor’s experience not only user-friendly but informative and visually alluring. Each of Albinson’s handmade pillow designs is showcased in the gallery where you can view each pillow’s front, back, enlarged close up showing the details of the weave and trim application, and detailed information and specifications specific to the pillow being viewed.

The website also includes a section devoted to the design process. This section walks one through the entire custom design process from designer fabric selection to finish trimmings. It illustrates how each pillow is hand-sewn into a one-of-a-kind design. Also important is the Blog section where Albinson posts articles showcasing the world of custom products. Each blog features commentary from Albinson and a photo with the link to the original article. Visitors are welcome to leave their comments about each blog.

Visit Pillow Galleria at www.pillowgalleria.com

See the full press release here.

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