Open Up Your Kitchen!

Most home remodels today want the finished project to feel and look open.

Older homes usually have smaller rooms walled off which for today’s lifestyle feels confined. Families today like the feeling of openness with style and fresh air flowing throughout. What is the most popular room in the house when you are entertaining?  Of course, it is the kitchen/cooking area. Often guests either bring cooked dishes or help the cook with her menu. Small rooms or walled off areas tend to make space feel narrow and confined. Traditional Home shows a very unique way to create openness to the kitchen area.

This is a home with very tall ceilings but the concept could be duplicated in homes with standard eight or nine-foot ceilings. The windowed wall has glass doors, glass panels, and operable glass panel windows. Although a separate space is created for the kitchen, openness is enhanced by the use of glass and the open window panes. Guests can also be located in the next room and still feel a part of the kitchen preparations. Openness, inclusiveness, and warmth are the goal for a newly renovated kitchen space.

Granite stone colors are two different neutral tones…gray and beige.  Each area which is a separate room has a separate color scheme with the kitchen being in the gray tones and the neutral beige being in the seating/bar space. Cabinetry also is in two colors corresponding with the stone color. This creates a calm color shift and adds interest in the space.

This photograph creates true openness for you and your guests. Go ahead and open the walls in your home creating a warm and inviting space. I bet you will entertain with joy and more often. Go ahead, be creative and create inviting spaces in your home.

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