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Photo: Pieter Estersohn

Paint is one of the least expensive ways to change the look and feel of a room.  And yet it is also where people have a difficult time making decisions. Color…what color and where.  And what finish…flat, eggshell, satin or high gloss.

If your wall or ceiling surfaces have “skip-trowel” or “popcorn” they will have a texture on the surface. In older homes (since the 60’s and 70’s) this texturing may contain asbestos materials and resembles “popcorn.” Removal of this may require contractors certified to remove the textured material. It might be costly but is truly worth it because underneath will be a surface that is smooth as silk.

People with a vast wall art collection may choose a neutral background for the walls and ceilings in order to showcase the beauty of the design and the colors of each piece. In this photograph from Architectural Digest (link) the owner has chosen high gloss neutral color paint for the room. As you can see a high gloss finish reflects everything below it including the flooring and lighting.

A high gloss finish will require an expert contractor who understands wall preparation work.  The surface must be sanded so no ripples or surface imperfections will show when the high gloss finish is applied. High gloss finishes show every imperfection of the wall or ceiling surface.

A room with a high gloss finish also tends to look more contemporary with a little bit of a cool feeling to the room.  This is because the light bounces off the surface creating a “slick and glossy” feel.

Go ahead; choose what is in your heart for your paint finishes and colors.  After the correct preparation a color can be easily changed. Remember when you are creating your living space that love is in the details.

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Paula Albinson

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