Upcycling is the newest thing for old designer fabrics, clothing and home furnishings.

We have a hot, new trend which has begun in the ready-to-wear (clothing design) industry and is rapidly moving into our home furnishings area. It is called UPCYCLING! 

Designers are reworking old, used, or leftover fabrics into new styles of designer clothing and home furnishings.

Upcycling often requires labor-intensive and time-consuming reconstruction and piecing together which adds to the cost. “It actually requires more creativity and ‘out of the box’ thinking to re-imagine an existing item and create something spectacular from it” explains a professor at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.   

Polo Ralph Lauren, Missoni, Victor and Rolf, are among some of the designer labels that are upcycling vintage fabrics. Many seasonal runway shows include these newly created designs as limited editions. The purpose is to extend the life of fabrics and clothing that might otherwise be discarded in landfills.   

Many designers are repurposing second-hand clothing creating a luxury one of a kind look with upcycling.
Why is this so important?
Fashion and Home Furnishing trends change very quickly and many of the unwanted pieces end up in the landfill…..Upcycling is great for our environment! 

As one designer put it, “We feel strongly about this approach. To create something beautiful from older or unused pieces makes sense with all of our ecological problems. Designers are now taking various fabrics in creative and ingenious ways to create new designer looks.”


Some consumers will pay more for garments made of old clothes and upcycled designer fabrics because they are one of a kind…a unique piece of art. Pillow Galleria’s designs are based on the same premise. There is an individuality to upcycled products…everyone likes to have an original, a one of a kind item.

New trends keep our industry interesting and exciting. Upcycling, the unique trend, offers additional benefits for sustainably and the environment. Pillow Galleria will be creating more artful one of a kind designer home furnishing pieces with the new environmental trend of upcycling.  We invite you to follow us discovering our new and creative home furnishing products utilizing Upcycling!

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